How the ABA natural method works

Complete immersion. Learn English in a fluid and effective way.

Do you think it’s possible to learn English like you learned your own language? What do you think is the first thing you’d learn? Speaking or writing?

These questions are very interesting and at ABA English we’ve spent a long time reflecting on them to design our method of learning English.

We based our pursuit of effectiveness and a fluid student experience on the natural method of learning to speak a language.


What’s involved? Learning English in the most natural way possible. Imagine that you’re travelling abroad. In terms of language, what would be your first challenge?

Listening and understanding. Right?

Every unit of the ABA English course starts with an ABA Film. They are short films featuring everyday scenes. This way, the first thing you’ll do will be to listen (different native accents), understand, imitate, and speak.

With ABA English you start talking from the first day. Without making too much of an effort, you’ll be assimilating and understanding new expressions in English. Try it!


After experiencing this real contact with English, you’ll begin to practice with writing and vocabulary exercises. Finally, you’ll learn grammar with the video classes our teachers have prepared for you.

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