English Certificates

Millions of people nowadays have discovered that learning English is the key to opening up a universe full of new opportunities. Getting official English certificates like the IELTS, Aptis, or any of those offered by Cambridge University will be the best way to prove your knowledge of the English language and open the door to the new challenges that await you.

ABA English will help you prepare to certify your English level without problems, with its unique, effective, and fun online method. Our content is personalized and, at the same time, is designed in accordance with the guidelines of the CEFR and other academic sources to offer you the best English language experience.

Below, we’ll explain why obtaining an official certificate is a good idea and why ABA English is your ideal partner in this challenge. Need to know how to prove your English language level? We’re here to tell you!

Why get an English certificate?

Regardless of your current level of English, you can take an exam to get an official certificate. Official English language certificates are recognized internationally by institutions, companies, and universities thanks to their prestige and high-quality assessment standards. 

Together with Cambridge, the British Council, or other evaluation institutions’ English certificates, our digital English academy, ABA English, has its own certificate that you can use to prove your level of knowledge. 

Here are some of the benefits of an official English certificate:

  • Improve your job opportunities. An English certificate confirms that you have the correct level (according to the company’s expectations) and that you meet the prerequisites to function in this language in your work environment.


  • They’re a prerequisite for admission to many universities abroad and even for completing studies at local universities.


  • They’re required to apply for work or residence visas in English-speaking countries.


  • This is an excellent motivation to study English consistently while demonstrating your current level of knowledge.

Prepare for your English certificate online!

Using our Smart Learning® method, ABA English will train you for your next certificate in an entertaining way with varied content that you’ll be able to choose according to your preferences and tastes. Neither time nor place will be an obstacle since you’ll be able to study from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer whenever you want.

Once you enter the platform, you select the topics that interest you (art, culture, current events, etc.), configuring a Daily Plan that you’ll be notified of daily. You’ll find multiple dynamic formats such as ABA Films and many exercises and quizzes. You’ll also be able to participate in Speaking Sessions where you’ll speak with students from other countries, special guests, and native teachers.

With more than 30 million students worldwide, in 170 countries, our digital English academy offers you the best content so that you can enjoy learning English and prepare for your English certificate online.